Plastic Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine
  • Standards:

    The product meets the requirements of GB/T 6111, GB/T 15560, GB/T 18997.1, GB/T 18997.2, ISO 1167, ASTM D1598, ASTM D1599 and so on.

  • Features:
    1.XGY series pipe hydrostatic testing machine in accordance with international ISO 1167-2006 ISO 1167-1:2006 specifies a general test method for determining the resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure at a given temperature of thermoplastics pipes, fittings and piping systems for the transport of fluids, EN 921 DIN EN 921 Thermoplastics pipes - Determination of resistance to internal pressure at constant temperature, American ASTM D1598 Standard Test Method for Time-to-Failure of Plastic Pipe Under Constant Internal Pressure, ASTM D1599 ASTM D1599 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Short-Time Hydraulic Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings.

    2.  Wide range of applications: Suitable for plastic materials, such as PVC, PE, PP, PB, PE-X, PE-RT, PA and other pipe and plastic hose.

    3. Wide pressure range: be satisfied from 0.2MPa to 16MPa.
    4. Wide size range: diameter range, dn2 ~ dn1000.

    5. Long working hours: more than 20,000 hours, up to 40,000 hours.

    6. High pressure control accuracy: can be better than the standard +2% -1%.

    7. Resolution: can reach ± 0.001MPa, showing better than 0.01MPa.

    8. Adopts intelligent control to automatically judge parameters, automatic setting and automatic 

    10. The following related technologies are first developed by our company:

    (1) The first to master the technology of partial pressure control (different pressures)

    (2) The first to adopt the upper and lower computer control methods;

    (3) The first large-caliber (Ф630 or above) non-metallic pipe fixture patent in the country;

    (4) The first independent research and development of high-pressure composite pipe, integral composite pipe and glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe pressure test system;

    (5) The first independent development of pipeline systems in the country (cold heat cycle, pressure cycle, negative pressure, fast and slow crack test, etc.);

    (6) The first software to obtain pressure test equipment software

    11. Obtain a number of technical patents:

    (1) Equipment designed patent (certificate number: ZL 2012 3 0323720.3);

    (2) New practical technology patent for supporting fixture (certificate number: ZL 2010 2 0535078.0);

    (3) The test software has computer software copyright (certificate number: 2009SR023212, 2009SR023211).

    12. Security performance

    (1) Control technology is adopted in design;

    (2) The airless design is adopted, and the water pressure station is safe and stable with low noise.

    (3) The design of the water tank is designed to prevent burns.

    (4) It has various protections such as short circuit, water level, leakage, and open position.

    13. Modular design: the use of distributed integrated control, advanced modules, high processing accuracy; high functional concentration. The internal design focuses on one-way, boost, pressure relief, pressure signal acquisition, buffering, input/output interfaces and more. Can be combined and assembled at will. Relative independence in work does not affect each other.
    14. The whole machine (If 30 stations) is below 1.5m2.

    15. Easy to upgrade:

    (1) Software system: can be upgraded at the user site

    16. Using the same special plastic composite pressure pipe as well-known foreign products

    (1) After solving the modularization of the host, the space reduces the space occupied by the piping arrangement.

    (2) Solve the installation space of the connecting pipeline between the host and the water tank.

    (3) Solve the problem of fixture installation and connection in the water tank.

    (4) The length of the test connection tube is controlled at will.

    (5) Light weight, small size, easy to arrange, high temperature and high pressure resistance.

    17. Extensive test capability

    Extensive test capability: Additional equipment can be used to achieve long-term static pressure thermal stability test and resistance to slow crack propagation.

    18. Convenient measurement and calibration

    It adopts automatic calibration, electric valve interlock interface operation, it can automatically cycle calibration according to the program, and can also select the measurement road through the manual interface, and the measurement calibration can be easily completed.

    19. Large number of new technology, new material design

    (1) Special diaphragm type accumulator, which increases the compression ratio and reduces space, and has higher stability and safety than other materials.

    (2) Imported special heat-resistant and pressure-resistant plastic connecting pipe

    (3) Professional dell business computer control, which means convenient operation and space saving.

    (4) Imported special plate type electric valve, with integrated module, independent design and development of structural design.

    20. Easy to operate, good human-computer interaction performance, wireless network transmission, host and shunt control can communicate.

    21. Distributed control, each with a separate electrical control module, independent control, do not affect each other.

    22. Control system, stable and high security, each road problem does not affect other road tests.

  •  XGY-3/6-C Hydrostatic pressure testing machine


    Dell business computer control (Lcd display / operation), the system is stable and powerful, real computer control, easy to operate.

    ●  Modular design of the whole machine, free combination of multiple stations, easy to expand

    ● With hydrostatic test, blast test and other functions (linear boost accurate and stable / blast test can be carried out in each way), a real multi-purpose machine.

    ● Adaptable to pipe diameter range: Ф16~Ф1000

    The perfect test system accurately analyzes and judges the eight test states of boost, pressure, pressure relief, overpressure, operation, end, leakage and rupture, with real-time monitoring, data storage, power-off protection, and test report storage. /Printout and other functions.

    ● Automatically determine the valid time, invalid time, remaining time and other parameters to prevent the occurrence of fault time, invalid time, power down time, etc. during the night, holidays, etc., to ensure accurate and smooth completion of the test.

    ● Compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, low running noise and small space.

    Performance characteristics

    ● Strong test capability: It can perform hydrostatic test and blast test. It can also be used for thermal stability test (8760) and slow crack growth resistance test under hydrostatic conditions.

    ● Modular structure: “Precision pressure control unit” integrated design, test stations are independent of each other, and there is no mutual interference between the roads.

    ● Special high-pressure pipe: small size and high integration, different color pipelines make maintenance observation more convenient and reliable.

    ● Control interactive interface: It adopts professional dell business computer control (its configuration and stability are much higher (no need to export U disk), laptop can Complete all the work

    ● High test pressure accuracy: the use of well-known brand high-precision pressure sensors to ensure the accuracy and stability of the test pressure.

    ● International brand pressure station: The pressure is stable, accurate, reliable, long life, low noise and no air pump (source).

    ● Branch function: parameters such as pressure, accuracy, time, etc.; real time display pressure, time, status (eight) and store each parameter data. At the same time, it can judge the eight test states of boosting, compensating pressure, pressure relief, overpressure, operation, end, leakage and bursting; automatically determine the "effective test time" (the time when the pressure is within the set pressure tolerance zone) "invalid time" "Time remaining" and other time parameters. At the same time, the relationship between “set time” and “effective time” is automatically adjusted so that the test will stop automatically only when the “effective time” reaches the “set time” (preventing “failure time” and “invalid time” during the evening holidays and other periods) "Power down time" when the system stops when the time is not enough)

    ● Excellent performance, easy to operate Handwriting, keyboard input, pre-installed software, integrated printing equipment, reducing the customer's separate printer desk.
    ● Filter is a front-end filter unit with built-in micron-sized stainless steel filter.

    ● The communication protocol is widely used to communicate with most display terminals such as computer (PC), computer, etc. It can also realize remote monitoring of wireless communication under the corresponding conditions and facilitate access to the control network.

    ● The core digital pressure control uses the fuzzy control (fuzzy PID) theory, also called the self-tuning theory to control the boost and the pressure. The valve's conduction time and frequency will be based on the pressure changes caused by the last action. The fixed value comparison is automatically adjusted. The time and frequency of each action are automatically generated after the comparison operation. It can be said that the linear steady boost can be achieved without any rush.

    ● International brand precision sensor Each road ensures a resolution of 0.001 MPa and the highest pressure control accuracy reaches ±0.001 MPa.

    ● The international brand-controlled piezoelectric valve adopts the advanced pressure control mode synchronized with the international. The two electric valves can reach the applicable range according to the program and test conditions, and the pressure control precision is high (better than ±1% up to ± 0.001 MPa) requirements.

    ●  Pressure control three closed-loop structure from the main system pressure to each branching pressure, to the different output ports of each branch, three independent control loops (private service, single tube, double tube) are formed, which are used in isolation.
    In addition to the above, it should also state:
    (1) Reliability, the longest test in the pressure test is 8760 tests. Now, among the several testing institutions that have this test item in China, all of them are our products. These devices have been in operation for 4-5 years, and each test is done for one year, which is in good condition. It can prove that our company's equipment reliability is very high.

    Test software interface:


    Thermal Tank

    This equipment is for test plastic pipe, like PVC、PE、PP-R、ABS PEX etc. For example long-term hydrostatic test、pipe pressure test、instant blasting test.
    Confirm to GB/T 6111、GB/T 15560、GB/T 18997.1、GB/T 18997.2、ISO 1167、ASTM D1598、ASTM D1599 etc.


    1、Temperature range:18℃ to 95℃
    2、Temperature fluctuation:±0.1℃;Temperature uniformity:± 0.5℃;
    3、Material: Internal use S.S 304;
    4、Cover open: One side pneumatic control.
    5、Automatic water level control system: if the water level is lower than pre-set value, it will be re-established automatically by introducing water in a way that the preset temperature will not fluctuate too much.
    6、Control way: Standard
    7、Panel: Standard
    8、Data interface: Can connect computer, use computer monitoring to record temperature data and change.
    9、Internal material: stainless steel, including plate, tube and other parts would touch with water.
    10、Heat cycling system: S.S heater tube and German high temperature circulating pump.
    11、This thermal tank use separated structure, easy to maintain.

    End caps:
    ISO 1167-2006、ASTM D1598-2004、ASTM D1599, DIN 8075 etc
    All the end caps can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel.
    All the end caps are very good in sealing.
    All the end caps can be provided from Φ4mm to Φ2000mm (Φ16-500mm in this quotation), as well as the British unit.


    Technical Specifications:
    End caps for Ø 16, 20, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500mm (other diameters of pipes till dia. 2000mm can be offered upon request)


  • 1. Maximum test pressure: 16MPa, 0.2-16MPa arbitrarily set (other pressure upon request)
    2. pressure control accuracy: ± 1%, can also be set arbitrarily
    3. Pressure display resolution: 0.001MPa
    4. Measuring range: 0.2-16MPa
    5. Allowable error limit of the indication: within 1.0% of the indicated value
    6. Control mode: industrial control tablet, touch screen control display.
    7. Timing time: 0 ~ 10000 hours, you can use the positive timing and countdown settings, the minimum set time gradient is 1 minute;
    8. The whole machine adopts modular design, and the pressure between each station can be set arbitrarily without mutual interference.
    9. Number of test roads: each road is independently controlled and does not affect each other. When a certain sample is destroyed, the solenoid valve can be automatically closed, and other roads are not affected as usual. Experimental data and graphics are automatically recorded and saved in the computer.
    10. Host supporting operating software has independent intellectual property rights, modular design; user interface, user-friendly, calculation accuracy of 0.1%
    11. Each channel can be used for hydrostatic test and blast test. The boosting speed is fast, and the linear boosting technology is adopted. The boosting is stable and reliable.
    12. With leakage judgment, crack identification, overload protection, power failure protection, test addition, curve traversal and other functions.
    13. Multiple Functions:
    1) It can be used for long-term hydrostatic test of pipelines and blasting test of pipes (all stations can be blasted), and can also be used for thermal stability test (8760) of thermoplastic pipes under hydrostatic conditions, and resistance to slow cracks. Growth test.
    2) It has different pressure control methods to automatically identify the expansion coefficient of the pipe.
    3) Function of rupture identification, real-time monitoring, power-off data storage, caller data recovery, test result storage, printing, etc., and has sample pre-processing and status adjustment functions.

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Model: XGY-3/6-C
XGY-3/6-C series hydrostatic pressure testing machine adopts the most advanced airless type pressure system. It is safe, reliable, high-precision pressure control. Suitable for PVC, PE, PP-R, ABS Pipes and other different materials and diameters of fluid transport for long-term hydrostatic testing of plastic pipe, composite pipe, transient burst test facilities can also be a corresponding increase in thermal stability under hydrostatic test (8760 hours) and resistance to slow crack growth tests.