Wear Testing Machine
  • ● Max.Load: 2000N
    ● Range of Load Measuring: 0 to 300N, 300 to 2000N
    ● Axial Speed of the Lower Specimen: 400r/min, 200r/min
    ● Axial Speed of Upper the Specimen: 360r/min, 180r/min
    ● Division of the Load Ruler: 0 to 300N, 10N/grade. 300 to 2000N, 50N/grade
    ● Measuring Range of Friction Moment of Force: 0 to 15N.m
    ● Measuring Classes of the Friction Moment of Force & Min. Value of Staff Gauge:
    0 to 1N.m 0.02N.m/grade
    0 to 5N.m 0.1N.m/grade
    0 to 10N.m 0.2N.m/grade
    0 to 15N.m 0.2N.m/grade
    ● Sizes of Specimen: Ø30 to 50 × 10mm
    ● The max. Stroke of the Upper Specimen: ±4mm
    ● Power of Motor: 3 phases, 380V, 50Hz. 1Kw, 0.75Kw. Speed: 2870r/min, 1440r/min
    ● Dimensions: 970mm × 660mm × 1100mm
    ● Net Weight: about 500kg

    Methods to evaluate the wearable function:

    ● Weight: Before the test, make the specimen clean and dry, and measure the weight. After the test, measure the weight’s difference with a scale or balance.
    ● Diameter Measuring: Measure the variety of the diameter before and after the test.

    Measuring instruments:

    ● Micrometer
    ● Small idler wheel in the machine
    ● Cut-in method

Model: M-2000
Model M-2000 Wear Testing Machine is to used test the anti-wear performance for metal and non-metal specimen under the sliding, rolling, and sliding-rolling condition. The Wear Testing Machine can also test various materials under dry-friction and wet-friction. The wear testing system can calculate friction work & friction coefficient by the data acquired. The Wear Testing Machine is widely used in universities, research & scientific institutes.