Pin-disc Friction & Wear Testing Machine
  • ● Max. Load: 2000N with accuracy ±1%
    ● Load is applied by lever.
    ● Axial Speeds: 370, 549, 1102, 1973, 2930, 5880r/min
    ● Max. Frictional Torque: 2N.m
    ● Motor: 970/1440/2880r/min
    ● Specimen Dia. of Calculation: 27mm
    ● Dimensions: 700 × 330 × 690mm
    ● Weight: 200kg

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WPD-2000 is one type of pin-disc friction wear testing machine. The specimen of metal and non-metal material will be machined to pin shape, disc shape or dual rings to do the test. The pin-disc friction wear testing machine can measure the anti-wear characteristics and frictional coefficient even under lubrication status.
WPD-2000 Pin-disc Friction Wear Tester is available in two moods, PC & software mood or none PC mood.