Local agent from Australia confirmed to TE that Model EFTD-150-4 Testing System was accepted by experts from Western Sydney University in October of 2021.


Purpose of the system:

4 electronic actuators is used to do push or pull or rotation to sample(wall). It is with load or displacement control and actuators can be same step or coordinate loading.



4 sets of Electronic actuator, with max. Load of each actuator: 150kN, Load accuracy: ±1%

Actuator stroke: 200mm(±100mm) and speed range: 0.005-50mm/min.



Two superimposed sinusoidal wave forms as below figure. 


Servo control unit can be used for load and displacement control and each of the actuator can be coordinate loading. Software can be showed each channel including load, speed and displacement.  





The software is with speed (displacement ) and load control. Load, speed and displacement can be showed in the software. 



4 Electromechanical actuators testing system was installed and accepted by Built Environment & Architecture Team Computing, Construction & Engineering WESTERN SYDNEY UNIVERSITY AUSTRALIA