Nowadays, with the Covid-19 pandemic spreading over the world, medical commodities becomes more and more important and have a huge demands everywhere. 


Surgical glove is also widely & greatly used in world-wide medical institutes and hospitals, and glove manufacturers have to expand their production, as per the medical regulations, their glove samples for each batch must be tested in larger amount each day (it will test more than 500 samples in one day ), for which single station machine cannot meet these test requirements.


TE designed this 5-station or 7-station machine to meet these clients, which could greatly improve their test efficiency. Meanwhile, it can also be used for multiple samples test like rubber, plastic, elastomers etc.


Please refer to below picture and video clip; for more details or offer, please contact our sales.


Multi-station 1.jpg

Multiple (5-, 7-Test Station) Tensile Testing Machine