Pure Bending Fatigue Testing System
  • Maximum Bending Torque

    6 Kgf m (60 N.m)

    Test Speed

    3000 r/min

    Co-axial of Left and Right Claws

    0.02 mm

    Diameter of Specimen

    12, 17 mm

    Max. Length of Specimen

    226 mm

    Temperature in Spindle Box

    ≤ 30℃

    Counter Capacity

    1 x 107

    Motor Power

    0.75 KW, 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases

    Overall Dimensions

    1170mm × 500mm × 1220mm

Model: PQ-6
PQ-6 Pure Bending Bending Fatigue Testing Machine is suitable for testing the fatigue strength of metals and other materials under bending & rotating. The Pure Bending bending fatigue testing machine is usually used to test the bending fatigue limit 未-1p of metals under the action of symmetrical repeatedly alternating bending force. Accordingly the tension-compression fatigue limit 未-1p and torsion fatigue limit 未-1 can be determined by calculation according to experienced formula. The Pure Bending Bending Bending Fatigue Tester Reversible has a simple structure and is easy to operate, both stable and reliable. The fatigue testing machine is very popular at factories and high school laboratories.