Common Metallic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
  • 1.JB Series Semi-automatic type:
    This type of the pendulum impact tester uses button to select the functions, including the pendulum raising, pendulum releasing and impact. A dial gauge is used to show the impact energy. This pendulum impact testing system is easy to operate with high efficiency.
    2.JB-D Series Digital Display type:
    This type of the pendulum impact tester adopts PLC controller. The results can be displayed on both LCD digital screen and dial gauge. The test results can also be printed out with micro-printer.
    3.JB-C series Computer type:
    The software can carry out the functions of zero clearing, automatic return to the releasing position after one impact testing, capturing the energy loss, cycle of impact energy and pendulum. The testing results can be queried, stored and printed out.

  • 1.Striker is bolted to the pendulum and available in either 8 mm (ASTM E23) or 2 mm (BS, DIN, JIS, EN, and ISO148-1983 )nose radius sizes
    2.Anvils and pendulums for Charpy, Izod & tensile impact testing
    3.Temperature Chamber for impact specimen
    4.Notch Cutter for impact specimen preparation
    5.Projector for verification of U and V-shaped notch of the impact specime

  • Main window is the control center of the programs, which is in charge of managing each function window and test result management.
    ImpactStar Software:
    Intuitive and powerful software offers operators easy operation experience.
    1. Windows platform, screen display, operating by mouse
    2. Software displays two ranges of impact energy after calibration.
    3. Recording test result of Min, Max, Mean, Standard Deviation of batch test
    4. Calculating the results of impact energy and impact toughness
    5. Test result can be calculated automatically and the swing period can be automatically measured up to 100 times.
    6. Multi-language is available, including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Italian, etc.
    7. Test reports can be saved as Microsoft Word 2000 and Excel 2000 or higher version.

  • Model




    Max. impact energy (J)




    Impact velocity (m/s)




    Raised angle (º)


    Anvil span (mm)


    Round angle of jaws (mm)


    Round angle of striking edge (mm)


    Size of specimen (mm)

    10 x 10 x 55

    Power supply

    3phs, 380V, 50Hz or 220V,60Hz

    Load frame dimensions (mm)

    890 x 600 x 1340

    1150 x 736 x 1390

    1050 x 950 x 2050

    Load frame dimensions (mm) With   safety shield (mm)

    2010 x 680 x 2000

    2090 x 680 x 2080

    2080 x 950 x 2060

    Net weight (kg)




Model: JB- (C/D)
JB- (C/D) common type metallic pendulum impact testing system is the basic model for impact tester. The metallic pendulum impact tester is used to determine the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load and capable of doing a large number of impact tests continuously. The display method for the models is different, respectively there are analog dial display, touch screen digital display and computer display. For the later two models, it can display the impact power, impact toughness, and the pendulum’s rotation angle. All the testing reports can be printed out. The metallic pendulum impact testing system is the essential quality control equipment for metal material manufacturers and QC departments, as well as the necessary instrument of research institutes for new material research.