Instrumented Pendulum Impact Testing System
  • Instrumented Impact Testing System
    JB-450I/750I Instrumented Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is equipped with high precision instrumented strain-gauged striking edge & high-speed data acquisition system. This instrumented test system can measure the force of a test specimen during an impact event. Then, the instrumented test data can be used to calculate the energy absorbed by the test specimen. In addition, the crack initiation and arrest loads can be used in fracture mechanical models.
    The instrumented system is very accurate and versatile.
    Some important system features are listed as follows:
    1. Up to 1,000,000 data points per test
    2. Data acquisition time ranges from microseconds up to 100 milliseconds (longer acquisition times available)
    3. User friendly software controls acquisition and data analysis
    4. Optical encoder data can be read and stored automatically
    5. The whole system includes:
    -high speed 12 bit acquisition board
    -strain gage amplifier
    -instrumented striker
    -flat panel monitor, optical mouse and keyboard
    -hardware/software manual

  • 1. Load frame adopts integral design and casting process with features of light weight, high stiffness and no deformation. The brace of pendulum adopts single beam structure and the supporting axle can get uniform force which restrains deformation at the moment of impact. The robust pendulum arm can also reduce the deformation of impact. Anvil and base are of integral structure which is designed strictly according to the standard of ASTM E23 to reduces friction between specimen and anvil so as to guarantee the accurate results.
    2. Pendulum raising system:
    The pendulum raising system in the pendulum impact testing machine consists of motor, reducer and disk friction clutch with features of working at lower noise, stable running, quick clutch & reliable brake. Conventional motors with mature technology have good reliability. The reducer adopts worm wheel gear structure with smooth operation and good output torque. Friction clutch acts promptly with good reliability and lower noise.
    3.Pendulum releasing & locking device:
    The pendulum releasing & locking device in the pendulum impact testing system mainly includes pneumatic release cylinder, pendulum drawing board, reset spring, locking baffle and locking pins etc. In the working procedure, the pendulum drawing board reaches out due to the reset spring, which will stop and stuck the pendulum at the releasing position. When the pendulum is to be released, the release cylinder will take in air and drive the pendulum drawing board back. Then the pendulum drawing board and pendulum will become separate and the pendulum will be thus released. When pendulum is to be placed at the releasing position, the pendulum drawing board will be set to reset position to stop and stuck the pendulum. It will not release the pendulum in case of electrical problem or software malfunction, which assures the safety of operation.
    4. Compared to the traditional impact testers, JB-450I/750I adopts friction disc structure clutch instead of jaw clutch. There is no sound of the collision jaw when the jaws are combined as in the traditional impact testers. The pendulum releasing mechanism adopts pneumatic cylinder structure with almost no noise at work.
    5. All test actions are controlled by the PLC, a kind of digital display with variety of control methods, such as the LCD touch screen controller and the computer. The upper and lower control can be achieved through simple but powerful software operation.
    6. Torsion angle acquisition adopts high pulse photoelectric encoder with minimum resolution up to 0.003 times of the full scale, to ensure the accuracy of the impact energy.
    7. Fully enclosed safety shield can effectively prevent the splash of sample breakage to ensure operation safety and can keep the operator away from the interior of the test machine. The pendulum impact testing system is also equipped with interlock door limit switch. The safety shield frame is made of aluminum alloy with transparent tempered glass for easy observation.
    8. Different strikers can be equipped according to different testing requirements. The pendulum can match multiple strikers, including R8 striker under ASTM, R2 or R8 striker with force sensor (for instrumented impact configuration), Izod striker under ASTM E23-07a. One pendulum can simultaneously match a variety of strikers to meet different test methods, which can avoid the frequent replacement of the pendulum.
    9. JB-450I/750I impact tester can be equipped with different anvils for different testing methods, such as Charpy impact (standard), Izod impact and tensile impact.
    10. Low blow fixture:
    With this fixture, the impact testing velocity can be regulated steplessly at max. Speed. Additionally, lower impact energy and impact speed is available at different heights.

  • Impact energy


    600/750/800/900 J

    Impact velocity

    5.47 m/s

    Raised angle


    Standard anvil span

    40 mm

    Round angle of striker

    R 1-1.5 mm

    Round angle of striking edge

    R2 / R8

    Striker thickness

    16 mm

    Distance from Pendulum center to the specimen center

    915 mm

    Size of specimen

    10(7.5, 5, 2.5) x 10 x 55mm

    Power supply

    3 phs, 380V, 50Hz, 550W

    3 phs, 380V, 50Hz, 1.5KW

    Load frame dimension



    Load frame dimension(with safety cover)



    Load frame gross weight



    Display: computer screen display/LCD touch screen display

JB-450I/750I Instrumented Pendulum Impact Testing Machine is strictly designed according to international standard ISO148, DIN 10045 and ASTM E23. JB-450I/750I impact tester is mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of metal materials under dynamic load and is capable of doing a large number of impact tests continuously. Adopting the instrumented strain gauged striker and high speed data acquisition system, imported and accurate, the instrumented pendulum impact testing machine can measure the force applied to the test specimen during an impact event. Then, the instrumented test data can be used to calculate the energy absorbed by the test specimen. In addition, the crack initiation and arrest loads can be used in fracture mechanical models. The instrumented pendulum impact testing machine is the essential quality control equipment for metal material manufacturers and QC departments, as well as the necessary instrument of research institutes for new material research.