Economic Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
    • Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, EN 10002-2, BS1610, DIN 51221.

    • Strain measurement meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E83, ISO 9513, BS 3846 and EN 10002-4.

    • Safety: conform to all relevant European CE Health and Safety Directives EN 50081-1, 580081-1, 73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1

    • Tensile test at room temperature: DIN EN 10002-1, ISO 6892, ASTM A370, ASTM E 8

    • Tensile test on reinforced steel: ASTM A615/A615M, ISO 10606, EN 10080

    • Compression test: DIN 1048, ISO 6784, ASTM C39, ISO 4506

    • Tensile test for bolts: ASTM F606-07

    • High stiffness with four-column and twin lead screw structure.

    • Cylinder mounted at the bottom of the machine to guarantee the working gravity.

    • Compact dual test space design, upper for tension, lower for compression/bending, which saves time for test setup; and it is quite convenient for different kinds of tests

    • With open front hydraulic wedge jaws for easy change of inserts and specimen loading

    • Accurate force measurement through precision load cell 

    • Integrated displacement photoelectric encoder

    • Test space can be can be customized per the requirements.

    Computer System with Appropriate Software:

    WEW series are manual control machines, which aim for clients looking for fast test with test load/force parameter only, the software is not for control purpose, but it can display the test load and test curve in real time. Option Pad Touch Screen Controller is compatible.

  • ModelWEW-300/400DWEW-500/600DWEW-1000DWEW-2000D
    Max. Load(kN)300/400500/60010002000
    Load measuring range2~100%F.S.
    Load accuracy ±1%
    Deformation measuring range2~100%F.S.
    Deformation accuracy±1%
    Displacement position (mm)0.01
    Test speed (If servo) (mm/min)0.2 to 50
    Tensile space(mm)6506508001000
    Compression space (mm)600600700750
    Column Distance (mm)505545595700
    Piston stroke (mm)200250
    Flat jaw (mm)0-150-400-4010-70
    Round jaw (mm)Φ13~Φ40,Φ20~Φ60Φ20~Φ60Φ20~Φ80
    Electronic ExtensometerGauge length 50mm, travel 10mm, accuracy within 0.001mm
    Platen size(mm)Φ130Φ160Φ160Φ200
    Bending span(mm)30-50030-55030-60050-500
    Roller diameter (mm)Φ3050
    Bending Width x Depth (mm)140x100140x100140x100160x180
    Power supply3Phs, 380V, 2kW3Phs, 380V, 2.5kW3Phs, 380V, 2.5kW3Phs, 380V, 5.5kW
    Size of load frame(mm)840x600x2130910x640x22501000x700x24501120x850x3500
    Size of power pack(mm)600x600x1400
    Weight of load frame(Kg)1600200025005000

Model: WEW-D Series
Description: WEW series computer display manual control hydraulic universal testing machine is suitable to test various high strength metallic & non-metallic materials for tension, compression, bending and shearing strength. it is capable of testing the characters of materials on physical & technology properties. As a manual control & economic UTM, it is with reasonable & reliable configurations (load cell or pressure transducer, extensometer, photoelectric encoder, servo drive, standard screws, which can satisfy the ordinary testing requirements.