High Strength Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
    • Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, EN 10002-2, BS1610, DIN 51221.

    • Strain measurement meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E83, ISO 9513, BS 3846 and EN 10002-4.

    • Safety: conform to all relevant European CE Health and Safety Directives EN 50081-1, 580081-1, 73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1

    • Tensile test at room temperature: DIN EN 10002-1, ISO 6892, ASTM A370, ASTM E 8

    • Tensile test on reinforced steel: ASTM A615/A615M, ISO 10606, EN 10080

    • Compression test: DIN 1048, ISO 6784, ASTM C39, ISO 4506

    • Tensile test for bolts: ASTM F606-07

    • Tensile Tests for Strands: ASTM A416, BS 5896, ASTM A1061, ISO 15630 etc.

    • Verification of testing frame and specimen alignment: ASTM E1012 etc.

  • Featuring a dual test space with extremely high stiffness; crosshead with built-in gear & worm structure driven by motor greatly reducing the back-lash for more accurate & repeatable test result, load capacity is available from 600kN to 3000kN.

    • Compact design with rigid four-column & two-guide screw construction;

    • Dual workspace design: upper for tension, lower for compression, bending and shearing tests, which is quite convenient for different kinds of tests

    • No gap design of the load frame.

    • Special grip design: no need any adjustment to tensile space for same length sample.

    • Space-adjustment by multiple-level notched column is suitable for specimen with different lengths.

    • The load frames all incorporate human factor consideration in the design to ensure safety, improve testing efficiency & reduce operator weariness.

    • Cylinder mounted at the bottom of the machine to guarantee the working gravity.

    • Test space can be extended according to the length & elongation of specimen and related test requirements.

    Crosshead (WAW-2000H)

    The middle crosshead with built-in worm gearing structure is directly driven by motor for upward and downward adjustment, which reduces greatly the back-lash for more accurate & repeatable test result. With multi-level crosshead positioning structure, the upper crosshead position can be easily changed along with four chrome-plated notched columns depending on the specimen length. Therefore, tests can be performed at a height appropriate for the operator. With front-opening hydraulic wedge grips, it is easier for change of inserts and specimen loading.

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Model: WAW-H Series
Description: WAW-H series computer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is suitable to test various high strength metallic & non-metallic materials for tension, compression, bending and shearing strength. Equipped with the electronics, computer & software packages, it is capable of controlling the test procedures as the pre-set programs, and also displaying, recording, processing and printing the test results; The testing curves can be drawn automatically in real time. It is simple, easy to operate, versatile in the applications for metallurgy industry such as steel mills & alloy, reinforced bar etc, aircraft industry, research institutes, laboratories, calibration institutes etc.