Computer Control Hydraulic Servo Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
  • Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, EN 10002-2, BS1610, DIN 51221.

    Strain measurement meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E83, ISO 9513, BS 3846 and EN 10002-4.

    Safety: conform to all relevant European CE Health and Safety Directives EN 50081-1, 580081-1, 73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1

    • This testing machine is special designed for tensile test of long chains, lifting straps load, rope, sling, belt, cable and other flexible specimens etc. 

    • It adopts horizontal type structure with servo and computer control and mainly used for the standard load holding and broken test. 

    • This testing machine adopts H-type steel welding frame. The test space can be adjusted through the inserted pin according to the different specimens. 

    • The one-way & double action actuator applies the test force and the load cell measures the test force. 

    • It can realize load, speed (displacement) control such as constant speed testing load, constant speed displacement, holding the testing load, holding the displacement etc. 

    • The users can realize the automatic control and testing process through the intelligently programming system, software under Windows system can realize the collection of testing data and testing curves, monitor display in real time. Data and testing curves can be stored through database management, and also equipped with network system interface.

  • The load frame consists of cylinder seat, cylinder, piston, moveable crosshead, fixed crosshead and load cell etc. The cylinder seat, H-type steel welding frame, moveable and fixed crossheads forms the bearing frame. On the moveable and fixed crossheads, the tensile attachment base is mounted for connecting the U-type grip. The one-way & double-direction low friction piston cylinder with stroke of 1000mm drives the crosshead movement in the action of hydraulic oil, thus to apply the test force to the specimens. The electro-hydraulic servo system controls the loading speed till the test over.

  • ModelHTT-500HTT-1000HTT-2000HTT-5000HTT-10000HTT-15000
    Max. load(kN)5001000200050001000015000
    Amplifying multiple1,2,5 (Three steps)
    Accuracy of specimen elongation1% of F.S.
    Test load accuracyBetter than 1% of indicating value
    Displacement resolution (mm)0.02
    Tensile testing space (mm)50010002000500100030005001000300050010003000100030005000200050008000
    Ram stroke (mm)3005001000300500100030050010003005001200500800150060010002000

    Note: the specifications of HTT series are customized as per the project requirements.



Model: HTT Series
Description: HTT series computer control hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine is suitable for tensile test of long materials like wire rope, cable, nylon rope and chain etc. It adopts the full digital controller, servo control system along with the standard analytic software, so it can realize close loop control for load and displacement, digitally setting zero, software/hardware digitally calibrating, protection, limit-position signal input, thus the machine posses user’ programming function. In addition the machine can be equipped with special analytic software and print the report template according to the requirements from the customers. It’s widely used in some plants who produce longer materials.