ASTM E1012 Grip Alignment Verification Instrument
    • ASTM E1012, NADCAP verification

  • 1.Real-time concentricity and angularity adjustment under load.

    2.Compact and portable electronics can be carried.

    3.The instrument is suitable for the PC or laptop computer.

    4.Alignment sample is optional provided that is to make alignment adjust before alignment verification.

    5.The outputs are used to calculate bending due to angular and concentric alignment errors

    6.Avoid errors being introduced by having to re-tighten load string after adjusting alignment 

    7.Designed to comply with the requirements of ASTM E 1012

    8.The software combines the strain signals using calculations as specified in standards such as ASTM E 1012 and presents misalignment information numerically on screen. 

  • Application: 

    For now, more and more clients from aerospace, ceramic, reinforced fiber, polymer matrix composites industries and accreditation institutes etc. attach the importance on load frame alignment besides the regularly calibration of load, strain and position, because it is always effected/changed whenever you change the grips, replace the fixtures etc. Therefore, alignment verification as per ASTM E1012 is being recognized more and more to assure the correctness and reliability of test data not being influenced by any bending stresses or alignment from the testing system.


    Besides the regular electromechanical and hydraulic UTMs, this alignment verification is also very important for high temperature metallic tensile test, creep & rupture test, stress relaxation test, LCF/HCF dynamic tests and fatigue crack growth etc., meanwhile, it is necessary for NADCAP Verification for aerospace industrials. 


  • Alignment Certificates are for reference: 


Model: AVI-100
Description: The grip alignment verification instrument is suitable for tensile testing machine, creep testing machine, dynamic tensile testing machine and any other testing machine that required ASTM E1012 and NADCAP verification.